Having recently graduated with a BAF in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University, Creighton is an enthusiastic young music producer who combines his deep appreciation for industry pioneers and legends with his education in modern recording techniques, music production and foundational sound design principles. After studying under the likes of Mark Corwin, Eldad Tsabary and Kevin Austin, Creighton now works at Revolution Recording where he passionately works with artists of all calibers to help turn their visions into reality. 


Maintaining his focus on concept and semantics, Creighton provides a holistic approach to music production, emphasizing both the superficial aspects of sound as well as the meaning and intention of the project entirely. He is comfortable working with a variety of genres, specifically Hip-Hop, Pop and Electronic music. While he has a deep understanding of how sound works inside and outside of the computer, he doesn’t shy away from keeping it simple and just focusing on finding that sweet bassline.

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