Jacob McConnaughy

For lessons, I enjoy working with students in figuring out exactly what they want to do with guitar, and then coming up with a game-plan together to ensure that the student enjoys the process of learning the instrument.


Whether it be rock, jazz, indie or anything else, I love teaching guitar and exploring the sonics possible with just your hands and six strings!


Harrison Jarvis

To my private teaching, I bring 18 years of a rigorous classical piano foundation along with my insatiable appetite for composition, improvisation, music theory, poetry and pop songs. Students are welcome to work on any one or all of these arts. 


For learning composition or songwriting, no instrument is required. For learning piano, you’ll need a keyboard or piano.


Joseph Burke

Hi there I am a violist pursuing a Masters Degree at the Shepherd School of Music in Houston.  Although I am studying classical music, I spend a great deal of my time learning piano and how to use Logic Pro X; I believe that it’s our duty as musicians to learn from all genres and styles of music.  

I can teach improvisation, music theory, music history, using a digital audio workspace, and viola for all ages.   I look forward to working with you soon!


Creighton Clark

With over 9 years of experience in music production including 4 years of formal education, I offer an in-depth and well rounded approach to producing modern music including pop, hip-hop, singer-songwriter and electronic music. With a year of experience working professionally in the recording industry, I offer insight regarding some of the inner workings of the commercial music world.

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