In our 1 hour sessions, we'll explore a musical idea through games, activities, dance, and music-making software.    

In just one week, campers will: 


  • Create a song throughout the week

  • Explore the basics of music such as rhythm, melody, major/minor chords, and song form

  • Develop skills in musical collaboration


In our 1.5 hour sessions, we’ll explore a musical idea, learn a music-making software (such as bandlab or groove pizza), and create! 


In just one week, campers will:

  • Create beats and write a song together 

  • Explore ideas such as improvisation, lyric writing and soundscapes

  • Develop the foundation to create music on their own

Our Commitment to Safety and Privacy

Here is a list of each of the apps and platforms we use, along with a link to their terms and conditions. We are doing this in good faith, and would like to give everyone information on the digital platforms we use, before sessions start. 



(All mini-camps)


Bandlab for Education

(All mini-camps)


Groove Pizza

(Harrison’s mini-camp)



(Harrison’s mini-camp)


For liability purposes, Luke and Harrison will always be recording themselves, but never the students or campers. 


It is our expectation that if a student or camper wishes to record a session, whether for sharing or for personal use, they must ask the permission of everyone in the group.

Any children or parents that have questions about our online safety and privacy are welcome to contact Harrison. Harrison is deeply passionate about the importance of data protection and privacy, especially for young people, and is happy to make any accommodations or suggestions. 

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